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Get South Africa Flowing

Talent DynamicsWe are proud to be the first Accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultants in South Africa.

People in their flow are productive, enthusiastic and passionate. Talent Dynamics works because it delivers results in performance AND profitability while aligning your team to the spirit and purpose of your organisation.

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Talent Dynamics Talent Dynamics

Feedback received after Talent Dynamics Step 1 was rolled out at Mustek and Multisearch

  • The programme was an inspiring experience. It was great spending time with the team and collaborating and coming up with new ideas. Working through our blockages was an intense exercise, but also beneficial for our team. The different exercises were insightful and I have learnt a lot from the programme.
    Linda Sivalingum – Multisearch

  • I felt it was a good bonding session for our team to get to know ourselves, each other and the company we work for.
    Sharne Randell - Multisearch

  • The programme is good in that it focuses on the individuals as well as the team. It has helped me to understand myself better as well as the people in my team. It is really worth it!
    Zinhle Muller - Multisearch

  • It was such an amazing experience and our facilitator was awesome. It actually felt like she was part of the team, she could relate to our experience, where we want to be and how we could improve. We were all very comfortable with her and her knowledge of the programme was outstanding.
    Futhi Msimang -Multisearch

  • This programme has opened the flow of honest conversation in our team which is making a huge difference. We’re excited to see where all these positive changes will take us!
    Michelle Derbyshire - Multisearch

  • This course is important for both management and employees. As soon as we all understand and work within our strengths as individuals we create a dynamic team with exponential capabilities to excel and succeed.
    Leanda van Deventer - Mustek

  • Mind opening training. Very different from other training I have attended and definitely worthwhile for any sales team.
    Damian Spagliotti - Mustek

  • Puts many situations into perspective based on different peoples profiles. Understanding my own strengths as well as others will now help me maximize my value proposition to my customers
    Rui Cruz - Mustek
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